Imperial Aviation Services
ITC is a licensed and an experienced Ground Handling Agent with its experienced and qualified staff.

Through ITC 24/7 Operations Office and Operational Support, all Airlines operational matters are handled and coordinated (communications, etc…)

Imperial Travel Center responsibilities also extend to the handling of delayed flights due to bad weather, AOG etc… in accordance to Airline procedures and instructions.

ITC acts as an active, reliable liaison between partner airlines and local authorities to cover all administrative and operational aspects.

IAS Services
• Passengers Services “Check In” automated & manual

• Lost & Found services

• Ramp Supervision

• World Tracing System Operation

• Provide VIP and First Class Services

• Ticketing, Airline Bookings and Ticket Sales

• Excess Luggage Collection

• Load Control & Trimming

• Immigration & Customer Clearance

• Boarding gates control

• Obtaining all types of permits and traffic rights

• General representation for the airlines with the local authorities

• Coordinate ground handling for all types of flights in all of the Egyptian Airports.

• Crew services include hotel accommodation

• Logistics (flight plans, weather, accommodation, …etc)

• Provide cargo services and logistics

• Aircraft catering

• Catering

• Fuel

• Limousines services

Station Management
IAS is committed to meet and exceed its partner’s airlines service expectations by delivering consistent quality performance through specialized and highly-skilled competencies.

IAS provides an innovative and advanced level of station management control to enable partner airlines to operate both cost and operational efficient in a suitable environment.

We ensure sufficient resources are allocated and utilized to meet partner airlines operational requirements, including quality, health & safety, security and environmental, as well as local requirements.

Irregularity Operations Support; efficiently handling and liaising with Service Delivery Units and various concerned entities during flight irregularities and submission of reports.

Passenger Handling
Passengers Services team plays a significant role, on behalf of our partner airlines to ensure that the services are being provided with the utmost care in a professional manner. Our professionally trained team ensures the smooth handling of passengers throughout the whole service process.
Passengers Services covers a comprehensive range of services, which can be tailored according to partner airlines specific needs and individual carrier requests
Passenger Check-in Services
Various Departure Control Systems
Special Passengers Assistance
Lounge Services
Meet and Assist
Gate Services and Boarding Assistance
Airport Ticketing Sales
Dedicated VIP Services
Arrival and Transfer Service

Lost & Found
Lost & Found qualified Team deals with passengers in case of baggage irregularities according to partner airlines procedures and local customs regulations to ensure a smooth and Hassle-free experience.

Security Services
IAS Provides security services to our partner airlines through a highly trained team, in compliance with the International Aviation Security requirements IATA as well as the national local regulations.
Our services and expertise in this specialized field ensure the protection and safeguard of passengers, staff and Partner Airlines’ aircraft and properties.
Integrated security services in existing ground handling processes include:

Check-In Integrated Security
Document verification
Passenger profiling
Identification of passengers prior to boarding
Positive baggage identification by passengers
Reconciliation of boarded passengers with their baggage
Arranging screening of passengers
Safeguarding Hold Baggage at make-up Area & collecting point
Escorting Hold Baggage from make-up Area to the Aircraft
Escorting the catering from the security check point to the aircraft (In case supplier is out of Airport)
Escorting cargo/mail to the aircraft
Arranging baggage offloading for passengers who fails to board the aircraft
Arranging screening of checked, unchecked, transfer, and mishandled baggage